Saturday, January 29, 2011


As I have listened to women and mothers of all ages and stages of life, I have felt a strong urging to share the things I am learning. I have discovered what purpose I need to be moving towards, at this time in my life, so can you!  I hope to encourage you to find purpose and fulfillment in your journey of life.

Some of us have lives filled with so many good things to do, that we are totally overwhelmed.  I have felt this problem surface again and again in my life.  There are things I really think are important to do or things that appear to be something I should be doing - yet my life feels too full to do it all!  I know there are lots of us who feel just like this.  How do you know what to involve yourself in at this stage or season of your life?  The answer truly is simple; take the time to find your purpose! 

What is that supposed to mean?

 It means that when you discover what the most important thing is that you should  be spending your valuable time on (your purpose), you will truly find all that you need to make decisions and solve your problems.

  Knowing what it is like to have that type of fulfillment in my life, I want to share with you what has happened just recently in my life so you can see how this " finding your purpose" works.

I have found a purpose in my life for needing to help to better the lives of women and mothers.  I had discovered this through a program I completed.  As I began to move forward on this purpose, I realized that the major questions we women have, were really simplified with the process I had just gone through.  The program I had completed was somewhat confusing, so I decided to build my own program just for women and moms.

  I had it in my heart to be able to reach the deep needs women have in all areas of their lives.  Certainly, the ideas people share with you may help temporarily, but you are so unique that what works for others may not work for you.  You need to find or discover who you are and what only you can do.  You need to find your purpose, on your own with quidelines to help you in the process.

 So, I actually wrote a book to put it all together for women.  I have also been presenting the program to groups of women.  Now, with all of this forming, writing, and presenting you would think that my life would be full to the brim.  Yet, because of the way I have formed my daily routines and gained new perspectives from my purpose plan, I know what to put in my life and what not to allow in my life at this time.  Yes, my life is so much more simple and uncomplicated.

It really has allowed me the ability to not feel guilty, but to enjoy my life's journey!  Life is better than ever!

I will be posting thoughts and experiences that I hope will uplift and encourage you to live a life of purpose. I know you want to do your best and be your best, so here's hoping that you will live a life filled with whatever you desire!