Friday, December 2, 2011

The Gift of Purpose!!

   We all need something to really live for - I mean something that helps us to want to get out of bed.  Something that helps our daily routines seem unburdensome because we have something in our heart that we know we are living for each day!

  Sometimes our problems seem to be so boldly before our eyes, that it is difficult to even have a desire to get through them.  Life can feel so heavy that we really feel that life is only a moment to moment process - not a bright place to soar through!

  I have many friends who have experiences like I have had where I could just lay down on my bed and close my eyes and not care if I didn't wake up.  I have had times, like many of my friends when I believed that I was the only one who was dealing with stuff that I felt I just couldn't deal with very well.   Things that seemed hard enough to just curl up in a ball and hope the world would just move on without me.

  I have felt that one of the greatest gifts I was given was a way to discover what I was sent to this earth to do.  I knew inside, as do each of you, that I was sent here for a reason.  I knew that somewhere in my life I had things to accomplish and lives to influence.  I never knew that I was really any more special than anyone else.  Which I am not, but I am special and so are you!  

  Your life is a gift to someone, probably many many people!  I know that you may not see it - I didn't - but God is your father and that makes you of royal birth!  There are so many times that our thoughts are the culprits that seem to "put us in our place"!  We tell ourselves, " Who am I to think that I have anything that could bless the lives of others or that could be important enough to accomplish?  I am just me!"  

  That is why I feel that YOU NEED to invest some time in yourself!  You need to take the time to listen to the whisperings of your heart and decipher what God desires you to know about your life!  This is the time to give yourself the gift of knowing your purpose for this season of your life and beyond!  You CAN KNOW what that purpose is and YOU NEED to know what it is.

  I have written this "Finding Your Purpose" book for you to get started on that path!  You can take the principles you know and add them to what you learn.  You will never ever regret the time you give to allow our Heavenly Father to speak to you for your sincere and eternal progress!

  I hope that you will see who you are!  I also hope that you will give this gift of information to others this holiday season!  I have watched friends I love hide the truth of their stuggles and pain behind closed doors because they don't know that life can be filled with light!  Burdens don't have to exist as heavy weights each moment of the day.  There is a way to walk strongly, with a bounce and giggle in your heart as you pursue your purpose!

  Give this gift to yourself and if you desire to bless others' lives as well - give ths "Finding Your Purpose" ebook to loved ones and others who seem to be okay but, who knows, maybe your purpose is to give the gift of hope!  It is only $5 and it may be the very blessing you or your loved ones need!  It is in the right column and easily accessible - let me know if there is any problem with your purchase.

  Give yourself the gift you really need this coming year - the gift of a purpose filled life!
Enjoy this Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life Lessons for Today

  I have been learning a lot lately about the blessings that come from learning discipline in all areas of our lives.  I have heard some people say that it is too hard to work on something for very long - it is just too easy to be comfortable with the normal routine of life.

  I have found that it is actually easier on your mind if you don't keep repeating the same mistakes or bad habits by changing how you think, through gaining new information.

  I have been dealing with migraine headaches that are actually getting better as I peel away the layers of the problem, but there are times when I have the headache and I still need to continue to function in the REAL world, instead of writhing in painful oblivion.  As I have been forming the habit of taking the time to be reading more self-improvement books from some of the top leadership guru's, I have learned to focus better and understand how to discipline my thinking, no matter how I am feeling.

  As I have learned the importance of consistently working on something -  like peeling away the layers of the migraine problem -  I have also seen the fruits of doing just one thing every day for 30 days, like reading a helpful book for 15 min. daily.  Just doing that one thing for 30 days has improved my life immensely!   It has helped me to have ideas about how to begin to find solutions to my physical health problems.

  Down the road of time I have seen that that one discipline of reading daily repeated over and over again, and added to other similar traits, have brought amazing results!  I have now been able to only be in bed for about one day with the ability to still go about my normal tasks of the day, instead of 3-5 days of total debilitating pain!

 I have seen how disciplining my brain to stop any negative or unhealthy thoughts and replacing them with the flip-side of that thought, can help to create better health and greater happiness.  I have been able to not only manage some of my headache times, but I could even think clearly enough to teach a lesson at church on the first day of the migraine!

  I have spent many days putting good information in my mind consistently. They have paid off today.  I have smiled when I have realized that repeating an action like that in my life, has made the thought-switching, happen automatically - just as natural as if I had been born with it!

  There are other areas of my life that have been needing discipline, too.  I have been working on them with my thoughts as well.  I have needed to help myself and my family with better eating habits.  As I took the time to actually evaluate how we are eating overall, I realized that we were doing okay, but the habits we were forming now would last for generations.  I know this from first-hand experience in my life!  I have watched myself struggle and struggle all because I hadn't realized that I had some habits formed from my youth that clouded my thinking.

  Every time I have stopped to think - no matter what area of my life I am struggling in or is in need of repair - I have been able to see how important it is to discipline the thinking in my mind.  Now, just like the penny doubling principle, after many days or even years of doing lots of little disciplines in my day that don't seem to be helping me much but have added up to millions more than was started with one issue, I am so hugely improved and happier!

  Taking the time to work on one seemingly insignificant discipline have such great outcomes, that it is a wonder that I didn't see it all long ago.  It has taken me years to get to the point of realizing that I should actually be focusing on what is a priority to me - then focusing on one piece at a time - to create a life of beauty and happiness each and every day of my life!

There are more thoughts on this idea in the Finding Your Purpose ebook on the left side of this page, if you desire to understand the concept a little more.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Puppy Pull

  It was definitely a scene that imprinted itself on my memory.  I looked out my back window and saw my 2 young sons playing with our puppy on the dirt hill.  They had tied a rope around the puppy and were trying desperately to drag it to a cave they had dug.  It was so funny to see that pup laying down as hard as possible to keep from being forced into doing anything! 
  Then it happened, the rope came loose accidentally, and was unnoticed by my sons.  As they moved ahead, the puppy began to chase the end of the rope!  I laughed at how simple it became to get the pup to do everything they wanted when it had it's freedom to choose what to do.

  It was such an eye-opening experience.  I thought about how much better it is to be able to choose what we do with our time and our lives, rather than having someone else putting things into our day.  I want to rebel and feel frustrated when I feel pulled into doing things that I hadn't planned on doing, just like the puppy.

  I will even do a lot of difficult and time consuming things if I feel like it is moving me towards my purpose in life.  That is way more fulfilling than being thrown into having to add extra "urgent" things into my life so that I feel like I am in chaos. 

  I know that there are things in our day that we have to do, that don't seem like a choice.  Actually, we do decide what we think is important enough to be put into our daily routines.  Evaluating what should be a part of our daily routine will really be a blessing for us.

  You may have places in your life where you are letting the time schedule fill your day, and you feel at a loss as to how to fix the routine.

  Giving yourself a once a month "house cleaning" to decide if you are really putting your chosen priorities first will be a great starting point.  Sometimes we just haven't taken the time to stop, step back and take a good look at what we are doing to see if what we are doing has to be done at that time - every day.

  We really do become free when we feel that we have made the choices about what goes into our time daily.  It is just like the picture of the puppy not wanting to be pulled but desiring to choose what he would be doing.  Knowing what you want to accomplish in your life, under inspiration, will fill you with satisfaction that you are putting the most essential and vitally important things in your life first on the daily schedule!

  For more information on how to find your purpose in this life - there is a process put together in the book on the right side of this post.  You will get the background thoughts and full idea in the 95 pages.  Have fun discovering who you are meant to become!


Monday, August 22, 2011

How Do Others See Me??

  I have a friend named Lilly that is so amazing.  She is really good at listening and at learning things.  She takes in all the information, processes it with what she already knows and has a well rounded perspective on those topics.  She is always being wise about what she has learned when she willingly shares it with others.  She has a talent for inhaling and exhaling what she learns.  We all benefit from the fresh breath of perspective that she gives.

  My friend doesn't see that about herself.  She doesn't see how great she is and how much we appreciate her gift and talent for wisdom.  She has so many faults and weaknesses in her own mind, that she sometimes focuses on them and can't see the things that come so naturally to her in her life. 

  It is so interesting to see this same scenario happen over and over again with people of all walks of life.  We think we know ourselves, because the weaknesses seem to be so illuminated.  We don't often take the time to stop and get to know who we really are.  Sometimes we think we are a certain personality and in the end we learn that we weren't looking at it from all of the angles and we are the opposite personality. 

  You might be absolutely blown away by what strengths others see in you.  You think others look at you in some critical way, when in reality they are so totally impressed with who you are.  Take the challenge to ask a few others how they honestly see you.  It works best on paper so that they can think about it without you in front of them.  You will probably have an eye-opening experience.

  Would you like to know?  I mean really know about yourself?  Take the time to focus on 5 or more different areas of your life and ask yourself how you see yourself in each area.  It is funny, but taking the time to do this helps you to see yourself in a much more clear way.  Generally, you will see that you are amazing!  You are definitely greater than you think you are!

Give it a try!  If you are needing to have a format or way to put this process together, the full program is in an ebook form on the right of this blog.  Whatever you do, begin today to see the beautiful new perspective of who you really are!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Don't Want to Fail Again!

  I have some great friends that tell me that they don't want to take the time to try a new program for self development - because they don't want to fail again!

  At first, I didn't understand that idea.  Then I realized that what they were saying was true for a lot of us.  We are cautious because we didn't do well on that diet plan or that chore chart program etc...  We have a fear of not measuring up to the requirements!  Some of us don't even want to start because we have sabotaged ourselves in our minds at other times in our lives.

  I realized what my friends were trying to tell me was that my "Finding Your Purpose" program was another program to fail!  Here is why this program will not let them fail:

  In reality, this program is just a process to help them come to know who they really are - which will help them figure out what their purpose is for this time in their life!.  They could do it on their own by just asking themselves questions - but the blessing of this program is that it asks questions from all different angles -  angles that they may have never thought of before. They could have the help they need to just begin the process of thinking about their lives. So, the program is really just a conduit to facilitate the outcome!

  Another benefit of the program is that it helps them THINK about how to clarify what they want to have happen in their lives and aids them in putting together a plan.  This can all be done in their own way.  But the basic IDEAS and PRINCIPLES are really the key.  These are so important for helping my friends to move forward in becoming whatever they want to become.  They can keep it as simple as they need it to be, and at their own pace, and in their own timing.

  I also realized, that what my friends were saying was that this was too much for them and that they were comparing themselves to the great things that they had seen happen in the lives of other people.  Here is how to truly look at the process of discovering who they are meant to be.

  What finding your purpose in life can do for you:
    1.It helps you have something fun to focus on, because you know it really is what you SHOULD be working on and that can excite you to WANT to do it.
    2.It gives you confidence in whatever you are moving towards.
    3.You find that things pertaining to your purpose, are all-of-a-sudden attracted to you!
    4.You are taking steps forward in your life - no matter how small - and it feels so good just to be moving in a direction that is right for only YOU!

  Having found your purpose allows you to FREE the REAL YOU and what you are meant to be!  It is worth the effort to just take a step forward - for yourself!  You are worth it!!  You can not fail!  It only serves to broaden your perspective, no matter how far through the process that you actually get!  At least you are working on the most important project you have in this life - becoming what you are meant to be.
(My ebook on the right will give you the step-by-step details to accomplish what you desire.)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time, Time, Choice, Choice

  It is a fact:  we all have 24 hours in a day!  It is also a fact that we are the ones who choose what to do with that 24 hours.  But, you say, that isn't true I have to go to work every day.  I don't exactly choose to do that, I have to do that every day or we are going to be in trouble.  The reality is that even with all of those things we feel we have to do, we do still choose. 

  We can choose to not go to work every day and suffer the consequences or we could choose to not have a job that we have to do every day.  We can choose to come up with a creative new business that will allow us to do "work" when we want to.  We can choose to work a job that fits our purpose better, so we actually want to be there.  We can choose any number of ideas that will create a life we truly desire to have.

  We could choose to eat 3 times a day or 6 times a day.  We could choose to stay up late or get up early.  Traditions and habits pull us in many directions, but we still have the ability to really choose what to do with our hours every day.  We can literally create the day we want to have.

 We can also suffer the consequences of just flippantly doing whatever we desire, without any real thought about what we are putting in our day.  We can just let things happen, but we won't enjoy the consequences of that choice!

  We know that if we had a full schedule for the next week and someone gave us a free vacation to Hawaii, we would find a way to make it happen!  We really do put into our daily hours the things we think are important to us.

  The key here, is that we need to discover what it is that is important to us right now - at this time of our life.  When we know what we are to be doing to enrich our life, finding our true purpose will help us to choose wisely what we do with our time.

 For instance, knowing your purpose will help you if you are a single mom trying to provide for your family. If you decide that you should be spending  more time with your children, you may be able to use the purpose you are focusing on, to create an income.  If you are to be focusing on helping your children to excel in their studies, maybe you could research it out and learn how to help other children as well.  Maybe with what you learn you could provide a service to others that they will pay for!

  This is why it is important to realize that we have 24 hours/day that we choose to do whatever is best  and within the parameters of our purpose picture. Then realizing what our purpose is, can help us make the best choices for ourselves and the people in our home, as far as time and priority go.  We can decide what will give us the most value for the time we are spending doing something..

  Lastly, the best use of our time is to get started in designing our days by taking TIME to find our purpose.  I spent every night for a few weeks really pondering and asking questions about who I really am, what my core values are, what my strengths and weaknesses are and which areas of my life are lopsided or strong.  The patterns I saw as I wrote things down helped me to decide on my main purpose in life at this time.  The uninterrupted time was absolutely life changing!  Now, I can design my days in the way that will really benefit myself and the ones I love!

  Have fun designing your time - making great choices and living a great life!
(My ebook at the right will be a great help in focusing your thoughts and in putting a plan together.)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Meaning to Your Life

  Do you ever feel like your every day is just another routine day?  Sometimes you just feel like you are just going through the motions, wondering when the day will end.  Sometimes you feel like all you do are the routine - home to work and work to home - daily vigil.  Or maybe you just get up and run the daily home  routines that keep your home life in motion - just long enough to drop into bed at night.

  Do you feel like your day is just meaningless?

 Just going through the motions of daily activity can seem like an unending cycle unless you have something you are working towards.  Having a reason for living, is an important point to ponder.  It helps us have hope and look forward to another day.
  It is what we do with that reason for living, that keeps us fresh and alive!  What steps are you taking to improve your life, since you have a reason for living?  Are you truly living or just existing because you haven't figured out what to do with the knowledge you have.

  You can see that it is important to spend some good thoughtful time deciding what you need to be doing with your life during this season.  You may have had a recent change in your life that makes life seem so mundane and it doesn't include time for your self growth.  It is good to give thought filled time to wondering what you can do to improve your life.

  It really feels so good when you can find what it is that will bring meaning into your daily life.  You can feel so satisfied with your days.  Having something to hold onto and  work towards helps you feel the growth and progress you need in your life. 
  Life in our home is much more harmonious when this mother feels like she is becoming better!  The entire family notices the happy countenance and responses.  The peace that reigns because mother is happy, is worth every effort to find your meaning and purpose in  life.  The daily routines become less of a mountain because there are other things and thoughts which permeate mothers mind!

  Happiness and peace are a great blessing of finding your purpose in your life.  Find Your Purpose!
(My ebook will help you in the process of finding a more meaningful life.)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

  Every day is full of decisions!  What to wear, what to do, where to go, when to eat etc...  But some decisions are so important that you want to choose what is the best.  We do make choices all day long, but some choices are just made automatically by the subconcious habits we have formed.  So, what about the other decisions that can fill up and over-run our day.

  How do you know what to do if:   Someone asks you to take part in an important cause like raising money for cancer victims.  It really may be important to you because your life has been affected by it in some way.  You know it is good, but you just had a new baby and you have 3 children.  You are serving in your church each week, you have a household to run, and on and on...  How do you know if it is a good thing for you to do?  You can just flip a coin or just make a flippant decision.  There is a better way to make the best decision for yourself at this time and season of your life.

  It isn't a secret, it is just a way to learn what you are to be doing.  You can know deep in your heart what it is that you should be focusing on.  The answer to all the questions we ask ourselves about daily, are contained in one grand idea - Find Your Purpose!

  Okay, why is that the answer?  Because when you know what is at the core of what you really should be working on at this time in your life, then all of your focus and goals and plans are pointed in that direction!

  Let's say that you know that you are supposed to be focusing on - Understanding Your Children - as your purpose in life at this time.  Let's say that you figure out what it will take to learn about this and put it into an action plan. You then know what your goals and priorities should be for the week and the day.   So, when someone asks you to be on the board for the community conventions, you can now ask yourself if this aligns with your purpose at this time.  If it moves you towards this main focus of yours, then do it, it may give you an added perspective that you need.  If it isn't in alignment, then you can decline helping at this time. 

  This may sound too simple, but it will help you to feel so great about where your life is headed.  You will know what it feels like to be guilt free, in charge of your life and focused in the right direction for you!

   Remember, you are unique and there are certain things you should be doing.  Learn what that is by asking yourself deep questions about who you are and what is at the core of your desires.  It is amazing how you can know deep in your gut, what you knew all along but hadn't stopped to think about it!

  Now you know what you should be focusing on, align everything with that purpose.  It will surprise you how much more simple your life will be.  The decisions you make will be easier to make and won't weigh you down as you speed forward, at a steady pace, to reaching all that you can be!! 

Here's hoping that you will have a more freed up schedule - and that the decisions you will make will be so much more simple and clear!!
(My ebook makes these ideas more clear and will take you through the process step-by-step.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

One Bite At a Time!

  My friend was saying that her life was just TOO full and overwhelming. Wow, is that ever true for most of us!  So, how do you really "get over that realization in your  life?"

  There is a principle that I've learned that says - If you want something to change, then you have to change something!  Now, I know that sounds like a "No Kidding" type of a statement, but really think about it.  If you keep doing the same routine, the same habits, the same actions, the same thinking over and over again then of course life will be the same overwhelming or out of control and frustrating scene.

  So, how can you make changes?  Follow the old advice of - eating the huge elephant one bite at a time!  It doesn't help to look at the huge-ness of the elephant and plan to eat it all at once. 

  My friend picked up a program to help her improve and she looked at it as if it was an elephant to overpower!  Anything that you want to improve in your life may seem huge, but taken one piece at a time will bring great rewards! 
  There are so many advantages to just stopping the normal wheel of life and focusing on yourself.  If you will stop to first look at where you are in life it will give you a starting place.  Then, only after completing that phase, you will move to the next step.  One bite at a time.

  Most of us just don't stop long enough to think about it and usually that will backfire on us!  That is when we get knocked-to-our-knees with a breakdown moment or become ill just because we think we can't slow down long enough to figure it all out, so we get forced to stop! 

  I've found that taking some time every night possible, for a few weeks, to really ponder what I believe or feel is of greatest value in certain areas and listening for the inspiration - has really changed my life.  As I have stated in my book, life became so much less complicated when I KNEW what should be of priority to me at this time in my life.  I found it simple to choose what I should be doing with my day and what types of things just were not of importance in my day.  I am now able to tell others that I can't take part in that club or event until it is in alignment with my purpose in life. I have cut down the things I do with my day because the most important things are the main  things on my schedule.

  You are so important to others!  I hope that you will make the time to help yourself become what you are meant to become!  I hope that you realize that you need to slow down and take time to really evaluate your life so that you will feel joy daily!  Take it one bite at a time!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uniquely You!

  You and I all come into our relationships with a blueprint or picture of who we think we are.  We literally have a blueprint that we work off of, to go forward in all our associations at home or outside of it.

  As a mother I have been living every day by the habits (good or bad) that I have formed because of this picture
.  The  things I learned in my home from my mother, my relatives, other people I associated with or the women in the media sources I was surrounded with, all have helped to form this blueprint in my mind.

  What I choose to put into my day; my teaching, my actions, my activities etc... are all connected to what I see that I SHOULD be doing.  Have you wondered if maybe the picture you have formed isn't what is best for you, even if you came from a great family?

  What if you and I could take some good thoughtful time and ask ourselves who we are and what we feel is absolutely core to us.  What if that time was so well spent that we came up with who we really are?  What if this picture of who we are could be designed by you under deep inspiration and formed into a better picture of who you are.

  Since you are totally different from anyone else in this world, wouldn't it be best to create your own new picture of what YOUR life should be?  Doesn't it make sense that your blueprint could be off base a little since you are not like anyone else?  Here is what I saw happening in my life:

  I had the picture that my home should be totally clean at all times.  I never wanted anyone to come to my door and see a mess of any kind.  I would keep my kids cleaning every spare minute.  I would always be thinking of the messes around me.  I would even take free time and get more cleaning done.  One night when we were having a family activity, we sat in a circle and told each other what we liked about each other.  My 4 children were all under the age of 6.  The eye-opening moment for me was when the kids each said that, "Dad is fun cause he plays with us." and " Mom cleans and does the dishes."  I really felt awful!  I didn't want to be known for that part of my life.  That really wasn't what I was focusing on all of the time.

  You know that with a house full of any amount of people, there comes stuff and messes.  We all just live there!  Was my picture of what my house should look like really worth the loss of time that could be put to better use?  I still love a clean home, but I do not let it be top priority and high tension time in my life.  I no longer want that picture to be my ideal.  It really wasn't practical!  I had other things that really were more important to me than spending every waking hour on things that won't matter much down the road of time.  I needed to design my own unique picture.

  Have you taken time to really examine the blueprint you have impressed onto your mind.  The one that is so "natural" that you didn't even realize it was a part of you or your daily life!  Think about it!  

Saturday, January 29, 2011


As I have listened to women and mothers of all ages and stages of life, I have felt a strong urging to share the things I am learning. I have discovered what purpose I need to be moving towards, at this time in my life, so can you!  I hope to encourage you to find purpose and fulfillment in your journey of life.

Some of us have lives filled with so many good things to do, that we are totally overwhelmed.  I have felt this problem surface again and again in my life.  There are things I really think are important to do or things that appear to be something I should be doing - yet my life feels too full to do it all!  I know there are lots of us who feel just like this.  How do you know what to involve yourself in at this stage or season of your life?  The answer truly is simple; take the time to find your purpose! 

What is that supposed to mean?

 It means that when you discover what the most important thing is that you should  be spending your valuable time on (your purpose), you will truly find all that you need to make decisions and solve your problems.

  Knowing what it is like to have that type of fulfillment in my life, I want to share with you what has happened just recently in my life so you can see how this " finding your purpose" works.

I have found a purpose in my life for needing to help to better the lives of women and mothers.  I had discovered this through a program I completed.  As I began to move forward on this purpose, I realized that the major questions we women have, were really simplified with the process I had just gone through.  The program I had completed was somewhat confusing, so I decided to build my own program just for women and moms.

  I had it in my heart to be able to reach the deep needs women have in all areas of their lives.  Certainly, the ideas people share with you may help temporarily, but you are so unique that what works for others may not work for you.  You need to find or discover who you are and what only you can do.  You need to find your purpose, on your own with quidelines to help you in the process.

 So, I actually wrote a book to put it all together for women.  I have also been presenting the program to groups of women.  Now, with all of this forming, writing, and presenting you would think that my life would be full to the brim.  Yet, because of the way I have formed my daily routines and gained new perspectives from my purpose plan, I know what to put in my life and what not to allow in my life at this time.  Yes, my life is so much more simple and uncomplicated.

It really has allowed me the ability to not feel guilty, but to enjoy my life's journey!  Life is better than ever!

I will be posting thoughts and experiences that I hope will uplift and encourage you to live a life of purpose. I know you want to do your best and be your best, so here's hoping that you will live a life filled with whatever you desire!