Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As I was reading Oliver DeMille's book called "Freedom Shift" (Fabulous book for helping you see how we can change this country of ours, back to a free land.),  I ran onto his thoughts about finding your purpose in life.  He says, "...personal mission is the central purpose of life.  While most moderns don't go off into the wilderness on a vision quest to find their life purpose, perhaps more of us should do the equivalent.  Without mission, life is confusing and ultimately disappointing.  With a clear sense of purpose, everything in life improves." 

I have found that to be so true as this new year begins.  I've listened to a few personal improvement CD's that list a bunch of words for you to choose from quickly, that will help you to know what is truly important in your life.  They help you to choose from a list of great words like: Peace, Contentment, Love..., then you choose what hits you when you hear them quickly.  They have you narrow it down to 6 words only and then 3 words.  From these 3, you write out a statement for each one and call that your mission or purpose in life.  I know this is a good way to start, but ultimately we will be frustrated again, until we know what it is that God wants us to be doing - personally.  We will feel unsettled and feel that there has to be something more to our lives.

Learning for ourselves what our true purpose in life is, really is all about taking time to ponder and reflect on our life and who we are at our core.  The entire reason for putting together this blog, my ebook and program I've shared at conventions etc...  is to help each of us to begin to really think right - with the help of some thought provoking and leading questions.

I believe that you and I will feel so blessed as we begin to see who we truly are in God's eyes, so that our lives can be filled with value and meaning.  We all feel the need to know ourselves.  We wonder what others think of us and sometimes we just feel so unsure about who we really are.  Sometimes, it just takes a death of a loved one or something life shattering, to wake us up to the fact that we really need to see who we are, in God's eyes, so that we can do whatever we are meant to be doing here on this earth.  It is so comforting when we know that we are headed in the right direction with our lives.

My husband asked me this morning, what I thought his talents are.  I was happy to think and evaluate with him so that he could see himself through someone else's eyes.  I think it is better to ask more than one person, because others see you through their own perspective and it may not be totally who you are.  You would be surprised, though, what you can learn when you ask 3 people who you trust.  I have found it to be a valuable exercise to ask them what they think your strengths are and what they see as your weaknesses. When they share with you, you are able to see a pattern in the types of things they share, that will help you see what God knows about you.  It helps to have written down what you think your strengths and weaknesses are at first, so that you can compare and see who you really are more clearly.  This has been one of the most eye opening activities for women who have used this program.

With the quote from Olive DeMille, he ends with saying that everything in our lives will improve with a fresh and new, clear sense of purpose.  I can testify to this statement being totally true.  When we take the time to listen and ponder we can truly feel satisfied that we all have things that we are to do with our lives.  We were each put here on this earth with different personalities, environments, families, cultures, perspectives etc... that all were meant to help us become the best we can be.  I hope you and I will desire to improve our lives, in every area by going on our own personal vision quest! 

Have a great and powerful start to your new year!!

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