Friday, December 2, 2011

The Gift of Purpose!!

   We all need something to really live for - I mean something that helps us to want to get out of bed.  Something that helps our daily routines seem unburdensome because we have something in our heart that we know we are living for each day!

  Sometimes our problems seem to be so boldly before our eyes, that it is difficult to even have a desire to get through them.  Life can feel so heavy that we really feel that life is only a moment to moment process - not a bright place to soar through!

  I have many friends who have experiences like I have had where I could just lay down on my bed and close my eyes and not care if I didn't wake up.  I have had times, like many of my friends when I believed that I was the only one who was dealing with stuff that I felt I just couldn't deal with very well.   Things that seemed hard enough to just curl up in a ball and hope the world would just move on without me.

  I have felt that one of the greatest gifts I was given was a way to discover what I was sent to this earth to do.  I knew inside, as do each of you, that I was sent here for a reason.  I knew that somewhere in my life I had things to accomplish and lives to influence.  I never knew that I was really any more special than anyone else.  Which I am not, but I am special and so are you!  

  Your life is a gift to someone, probably many many people!  I know that you may not see it - I didn't - but God is your father and that makes you of royal birth!  There are so many times that our thoughts are the culprits that seem to "put us in our place"!  We tell ourselves, " Who am I to think that I have anything that could bless the lives of others or that could be important enough to accomplish?  I am just me!"  

  That is why I feel that YOU NEED to invest some time in yourself!  You need to take the time to listen to the whisperings of your heart and decipher what God desires you to know about your life!  This is the time to give yourself the gift of knowing your purpose for this season of your life and beyond!  You CAN KNOW what that purpose is and YOU NEED to know what it is.

  I have written this "Finding Your Purpose" book for you to get started on that path!  You can take the principles you know and add them to what you learn.  You will never ever regret the time you give to allow our Heavenly Father to speak to you for your sincere and eternal progress!

  I hope that you will see who you are!  I also hope that you will give this gift of information to others this holiday season!  I have watched friends I love hide the truth of their stuggles and pain behind closed doors because they don't know that life can be filled with light!  Burdens don't have to exist as heavy weights each moment of the day.  There is a way to walk strongly, with a bounce and giggle in your heart as you pursue your purpose!

  Give this gift to yourself and if you desire to bless others' lives as well - give ths "Finding Your Purpose" ebook to loved ones and others who seem to be okay but, who knows, maybe your purpose is to give the gift of hope!  It is only $5 and it may be the very blessing you or your loved ones need!  It is in the right column and easily accessible - let me know if there is any problem with your purchase.

  Give yourself the gift you really need this coming year - the gift of a purpose filled life!
Enjoy this Holiday Season!

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