Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life Lessons for Today

  I have been learning a lot lately about the blessings that come from learning discipline in all areas of our lives.  I have heard some people say that it is too hard to work on something for very long - it is just too easy to be comfortable with the normal routine of life.

  I have found that it is actually easier on your mind if you don't keep repeating the same mistakes or bad habits by changing how you think, through gaining new information.

  I have been dealing with migraine headaches that are actually getting better as I peel away the layers of the problem, but there are times when I have the headache and I still need to continue to function in the REAL world, instead of writhing in painful oblivion.  As I have been forming the habit of taking the time to be reading more self-improvement books from some of the top leadership guru's, I have learned to focus better and understand how to discipline my thinking, no matter how I am feeling.

  As I have learned the importance of consistently working on something -  like peeling away the layers of the migraine problem -  I have also seen the fruits of doing just one thing every day for 30 days, like reading a helpful book for 15 min. daily.  Just doing that one thing for 30 days has improved my life immensely!   It has helped me to have ideas about how to begin to find solutions to my physical health problems.

  Down the road of time I have seen that that one discipline of reading daily repeated over and over again, and added to other similar traits, have brought amazing results!  I have now been able to only be in bed for about one day with the ability to still go about my normal tasks of the day, instead of 3-5 days of total debilitating pain!

 I have seen how disciplining my brain to stop any negative or unhealthy thoughts and replacing them with the flip-side of that thought, can help to create better health and greater happiness.  I have been able to not only manage some of my headache times, but I could even think clearly enough to teach a lesson at church on the first day of the migraine!

  I have spent many days putting good information in my mind consistently. They have paid off today.  I have smiled when I have realized that repeating an action like that in my life, has made the thought-switching, happen automatically - just as natural as if I had been born with it!

  There are other areas of my life that have been needing discipline, too.  I have been working on them with my thoughts as well.  I have needed to help myself and my family with better eating habits.  As I took the time to actually evaluate how we are eating overall, I realized that we were doing okay, but the habits we were forming now would last for generations.  I know this from first-hand experience in my life!  I have watched myself struggle and struggle all because I hadn't realized that I had some habits formed from my youth that clouded my thinking.

  Every time I have stopped to think - no matter what area of my life I am struggling in or is in need of repair - I have been able to see how important it is to discipline the thinking in my mind.  Now, just like the penny doubling principle, after many days or even years of doing lots of little disciplines in my day that don't seem to be helping me much but have added up to millions more than was started with one issue, I am so hugely improved and happier!

  Taking the time to work on one seemingly insignificant discipline have such great outcomes, that it is a wonder that I didn't see it all long ago.  It has taken me years to get to the point of realizing that I should actually be focusing on what is a priority to me - then focusing on one piece at a time - to create a life of beauty and happiness each and every day of my life!

There are more thoughts on this idea in the Finding Your Purpose ebook on the left side of this page, if you desire to understand the concept a little more.

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