Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Puppy Pull

  It was definitely a scene that imprinted itself on my memory.  I looked out my back window and saw my 2 young sons playing with our puppy on the dirt hill.  They had tied a rope around the puppy and were trying desperately to drag it to a cave they had dug.  It was so funny to see that pup laying down as hard as possible to keep from being forced into doing anything! 
  Then it happened, the rope came loose accidentally, and was unnoticed by my sons.  As they moved ahead, the puppy began to chase the end of the rope!  I laughed at how simple it became to get the pup to do everything they wanted when it had it's freedom to choose what to do.

  It was such an eye-opening experience.  I thought about how much better it is to be able to choose what we do with our time and our lives, rather than having someone else putting things into our day.  I want to rebel and feel frustrated when I feel pulled into doing things that I hadn't planned on doing, just like the puppy.

  I will even do a lot of difficult and time consuming things if I feel like it is moving me towards my purpose in life.  That is way more fulfilling than being thrown into having to add extra "urgent" things into my life so that I feel like I am in chaos. 

  I know that there are things in our day that we have to do, that don't seem like a choice.  Actually, we do decide what we think is important enough to be put into our daily routines.  Evaluating what should be a part of our daily routine will really be a blessing for us.

  You may have places in your life where you are letting the time schedule fill your day, and you feel at a loss as to how to fix the routine.

  Giving yourself a once a month "house cleaning" to decide if you are really putting your chosen priorities first will be a great starting point.  Sometimes we just haven't taken the time to stop, step back and take a good look at what we are doing to see if what we are doing has to be done at that time - every day.

  We really do become free when we feel that we have made the choices about what goes into our time daily.  It is just like the picture of the puppy not wanting to be pulled but desiring to choose what he would be doing.  Knowing what you want to accomplish in your life, under inspiration, will fill you with satisfaction that you are putting the most essential and vitally important things in your life first on the daily schedule!

  For more information on how to find your purpose in this life - there is a process put together in the book on the right side of this post.  You will get the background thoughts and full idea in the 95 pages.  Have fun discovering who you are meant to become!


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  1. Hi Penny, my name is Emily Bryar and I purchased your ebook but it never came to my in box. I paid through paypal and have the number and every thing. Please will you contact me through my email. Thanks