Monday, August 22, 2011

How Do Others See Me??

  I have a friend named Lilly that is so amazing.  She is really good at listening and at learning things.  She takes in all the information, processes it with what she already knows and has a well rounded perspective on those topics.  She is always being wise about what she has learned when she willingly shares it with others.  She has a talent for inhaling and exhaling what she learns.  We all benefit from the fresh breath of perspective that she gives.

  My friend doesn't see that about herself.  She doesn't see how great she is and how much we appreciate her gift and talent for wisdom.  She has so many faults and weaknesses in her own mind, that she sometimes focuses on them and can't see the things that come so naturally to her in her life. 

  It is so interesting to see this same scenario happen over and over again with people of all walks of life.  We think we know ourselves, because the weaknesses seem to be so illuminated.  We don't often take the time to stop and get to know who we really are.  Sometimes we think we are a certain personality and in the end we learn that we weren't looking at it from all of the angles and we are the opposite personality. 

  You might be absolutely blown away by what strengths others see in you.  You think others look at you in some critical way, when in reality they are so totally impressed with who you are.  Take the challenge to ask a few others how they honestly see you.  It works best on paper so that they can think about it without you in front of them.  You will probably have an eye-opening experience.

  Would you like to know?  I mean really know about yourself?  Take the time to focus on 5 or more different areas of your life and ask yourself how you see yourself in each area.  It is funny, but taking the time to do this helps you to see yourself in a much more clear way.  Generally, you will see that you are amazing!  You are definitely greater than you think you are!

Give it a try!  If you are needing to have a format or way to put this process together, the full program is in an ebook form on the right of this blog.  Whatever you do, begin today to see the beautiful new perspective of who you really are!

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