Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time, Time, Choice, Choice

  It is a fact:  we all have 24 hours in a day!  It is also a fact that we are the ones who choose what to do with that 24 hours.  But, you say, that isn't true I have to go to work every day.  I don't exactly choose to do that, I have to do that every day or we are going to be in trouble.  The reality is that even with all of those things we feel we have to do, we do still choose. 

  We can choose to not go to work every day and suffer the consequences or we could choose to not have a job that we have to do every day.  We can choose to come up with a creative new business that will allow us to do "work" when we want to.  We can choose to work a job that fits our purpose better, so we actually want to be there.  We can choose any number of ideas that will create a life we truly desire to have.

  We could choose to eat 3 times a day or 6 times a day.  We could choose to stay up late or get up early.  Traditions and habits pull us in many directions, but we still have the ability to really choose what to do with our hours every day.  We can literally create the day we want to have.

 We can also suffer the consequences of just flippantly doing whatever we desire, without any real thought about what we are putting in our day.  We can just let things happen, but we won't enjoy the consequences of that choice!

  We know that if we had a full schedule for the next week and someone gave us a free vacation to Hawaii, we would find a way to make it happen!  We really do put into our daily hours the things we think are important to us.

  The key here, is that we need to discover what it is that is important to us right now - at this time of our life.  When we know what we are to be doing to enrich our life, finding our true purpose will help us to choose wisely what we do with our time.

 For instance, knowing your purpose will help you if you are a single mom trying to provide for your family. If you decide that you should be spending  more time with your children, you may be able to use the purpose you are focusing on, to create an income.  If you are to be focusing on helping your children to excel in their studies, maybe you could research it out and learn how to help other children as well.  Maybe with what you learn you could provide a service to others that they will pay for!

  This is why it is important to realize that we have 24 hours/day that we choose to do whatever is best  and within the parameters of our purpose picture. Then realizing what our purpose is, can help us make the best choices for ourselves and the people in our home, as far as time and priority go.  We can decide what will give us the most value for the time we are spending doing something..

  Lastly, the best use of our time is to get started in designing our days by taking TIME to find our purpose.  I spent every night for a few weeks really pondering and asking questions about who I really am, what my core values are, what my strengths and weaknesses are and which areas of my life are lopsided or strong.  The patterns I saw as I wrote things down helped me to decide on my main purpose in life at this time.  The uninterrupted time was absolutely life changing!  Now, I can design my days in the way that will really benefit myself and the ones I love!

  Have fun designing your time - making great choices and living a great life!
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