Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Don't Want to Fail Again!

  I have some great friends that tell me that they don't want to take the time to try a new program for self development - because they don't want to fail again!

  At first, I didn't understand that idea.  Then I realized that what they were saying was true for a lot of us.  We are cautious because we didn't do well on that diet plan or that chore chart program etc...  We have a fear of not measuring up to the requirements!  Some of us don't even want to start because we have sabotaged ourselves in our minds at other times in our lives.

  I realized what my friends were trying to tell me was that my "Finding Your Purpose" program was another program to fail!  Here is why this program will not let them fail:

  In reality, this program is just a process to help them come to know who they really are - which will help them figure out what their purpose is for this time in their life!.  They could do it on their own by just asking themselves questions - but the blessing of this program is that it asks questions from all different angles -  angles that they may have never thought of before. They could have the help they need to just begin the process of thinking about their lives. So, the program is really just a conduit to facilitate the outcome!

  Another benefit of the program is that it helps them THINK about how to clarify what they want to have happen in their lives and aids them in putting together a plan.  This can all be done in their own way.  But the basic IDEAS and PRINCIPLES are really the key.  These are so important for helping my friends to move forward in becoming whatever they want to become.  They can keep it as simple as they need it to be, and at their own pace, and in their own timing.

  I also realized, that what my friends were saying was that this was too much for them and that they were comparing themselves to the great things that they had seen happen in the lives of other people.  Here is how to truly look at the process of discovering who they are meant to be.

  What finding your purpose in life can do for you:
    1.It helps you have something fun to focus on, because you know it really is what you SHOULD be working on and that can excite you to WANT to do it.
    2.It gives you confidence in whatever you are moving towards.
    3.You find that things pertaining to your purpose, are all-of-a-sudden attracted to you!
    4.You are taking steps forward in your life - no matter how small - and it feels so good just to be moving in a direction that is right for only YOU!

  Having found your purpose allows you to FREE the REAL YOU and what you are meant to be!  It is worth the effort to just take a step forward - for yourself!  You are worth it!!  You can not fail!  It only serves to broaden your perspective, no matter how far through the process that you actually get!  At least you are working on the most important project you have in this life - becoming what you are meant to be.
(My ebook on the right will give you the step-by-step details to accomplish what you desire.)

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