Friday, May 6, 2011

One Bite At a Time!

  My friend was saying that her life was just TOO full and overwhelming. Wow, is that ever true for most of us!  So, how do you really "get over that realization in your  life?"

  There is a principle that I've learned that says - If you want something to change, then you have to change something!  Now, I know that sounds like a "No Kidding" type of a statement, but really think about it.  If you keep doing the same routine, the same habits, the same actions, the same thinking over and over again then of course life will be the same overwhelming or out of control and frustrating scene.

  So, how can you make changes?  Follow the old advice of - eating the huge elephant one bite at a time!  It doesn't help to look at the huge-ness of the elephant and plan to eat it all at once. 

  My friend picked up a program to help her improve and she looked at it as if it was an elephant to overpower!  Anything that you want to improve in your life may seem huge, but taken one piece at a time will bring great rewards! 
  There are so many advantages to just stopping the normal wheel of life and focusing on yourself.  If you will stop to first look at where you are in life it will give you a starting place.  Then, only after completing that phase, you will move to the next step.  One bite at a time.

  Most of us just don't stop long enough to think about it and usually that will backfire on us!  That is when we get knocked-to-our-knees with a breakdown moment or become ill just because we think we can't slow down long enough to figure it all out, so we get forced to stop! 

  I've found that taking some time every night possible, for a few weeks, to really ponder what I believe or feel is of greatest value in certain areas and listening for the inspiration - has really changed my life.  As I have stated in my book, life became so much less complicated when I KNEW what should be of priority to me at this time in my life.  I found it simple to choose what I should be doing with my day and what types of things just were not of importance in my day.  I am now able to tell others that I can't take part in that club or event until it is in alignment with my purpose in life. I have cut down the things I do with my day because the most important things are the main  things on my schedule.

  You are so important to others!  I hope that you will make the time to help yourself become what you are meant to become!  I hope that you realize that you need to slow down and take time to really evaluate your life so that you will feel joy daily!  Take it one bite at a time!


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