Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uniquely You!

  You and I all come into our relationships with a blueprint or picture of who we think we are.  We literally have a blueprint that we work off of, to go forward in all our associations at home or outside of it.

  As a mother I have been living every day by the habits (good or bad) that I have formed because of this picture
.  The  things I learned in my home from my mother, my relatives, other people I associated with or the women in the media sources I was surrounded with, all have helped to form this blueprint in my mind.

  What I choose to put into my day; my teaching, my actions, my activities etc... are all connected to what I see that I SHOULD be doing.  Have you wondered if maybe the picture you have formed isn't what is best for you, even if you came from a great family?

  What if you and I could take some good thoughtful time and ask ourselves who we are and what we feel is absolutely core to us.  What if that time was so well spent that we came up with who we really are?  What if this picture of who we are could be designed by you under deep inspiration and formed into a better picture of who you are.

  Since you are totally different from anyone else in this world, wouldn't it be best to create your own new picture of what YOUR life should be?  Doesn't it make sense that your blueprint could be off base a little since you are not like anyone else?  Here is what I saw happening in my life:

  I had the picture that my home should be totally clean at all times.  I never wanted anyone to come to my door and see a mess of any kind.  I would keep my kids cleaning every spare minute.  I would always be thinking of the messes around me.  I would even take free time and get more cleaning done.  One night when we were having a family activity, we sat in a circle and told each other what we liked about each other.  My 4 children were all under the age of 6.  The eye-opening moment for me was when the kids each said that, "Dad is fun cause he plays with us." and " Mom cleans and does the dishes."  I really felt awful!  I didn't want to be known for that part of my life.  That really wasn't what I was focusing on all of the time.

  You know that with a house full of any amount of people, there comes stuff and messes.  We all just live there!  Was my picture of what my house should look like really worth the loss of time that could be put to better use?  I still love a clean home, but I do not let it be top priority and high tension time in my life.  I no longer want that picture to be my ideal.  It really wasn't practical!  I had other things that really were more important to me than spending every waking hour on things that won't matter much down the road of time.  I needed to design my own unique picture.

  Have you taken time to really examine the blueprint you have impressed onto your mind.  The one that is so "natural" that you didn't even realize it was a part of you or your daily life!  Think about it!